Logic, Rewriting, and Concurrency
Festschrift Symposium in Honor of José Meseguer

Urbana, Illinois, USA, September 23-25, 2015

Wednesday September 23

  • 9:15 to 9:25: Opening (Rob Rutenbar, Head of Computer Science Department, UIUC)
  • 9:25 to 9:35: Welcome (Narciso Marti-Oliet, Peter Ölveczky, and Carolyn Talcott)
  • 9:35 to 10:35: Keynote talk (Chair: Carolyn Talcott)
    • Pat Lincoln
  • 10:35 to 11:00: Coffee break
  • 11:00 to 12:30: Concurrency (Chair: Grigore Rosu)
    • Jayadev Misra
      A denotational semantic theory of concurrent systems
    • Bartoletti Massimo, Pierpaolo Degano, Paolo Di Gianberardino, and Roberto Zunino
      Debits and credits in Petri nets and linear logic
    • Roberto Bruni, Hernan Melgratti, and Ugo Montanari
      A normal form for stateful connectors
  • 12:00 to 14:00: Lunch break
  • 14:00 to 15:30: Security (Chair: Santiago Escobar)
    • Catherine Meadows
      Emerging Issues and Trends in Formal Methods in Cryptographic Protocol Analysis: Twelve Years Later
    • Alberto Lluch Lafuente, Flemming Nielson, and Hanne Riis Nielson
      Discretionary Information Flow Control for Interaction-Oriented Specifications
    • David Basin, Michel Keller, Sasa Radomirovic, and Ralf Sasse
      Alice and Bob Meet Equational Theories
  • 15:30 to 16:00: Break
  • 16:00 to 17:45: Verification (Chair: Narciso Marti-Oliet)
    • Shuo Chen
      Enlightening Ph.D. Students with the Elegance of Logic — my personal memory about Prof. José Meseguer (Short presentation)
    • Maria Alpuente, Demis Ballis, Francisco Frechina, and Julia Sapiña
      Combining Runtime Checking and Slicing to improve Maude Error Diagnosis
    • Rolf Hennicker, Annabelle Klarl, and Martin Wirsing
      Model-Checking Helena Ensemble Specifications with Spin
    • Kokichi Futatsugi
      Generic Proof Scores for Generate & Check Method in CafeOBJ
  • 18:30 to 20:30: Reception

Thursday September 24

  • 9:30 to 11:00: Rewriting Logic I (Chair: Manuel Clavel)
    • Grigore Rosu
      From Rewriting Logic, to Programming Language Semantics, to Program Verification
    • Luis Aguirre, Narciso Marti-Oliet, Miguel Palomino, and Isabel Pita
      Sentence Normalized Conditional Narrowing Modulo in Rewriting Logic and Maude
    • Kyungmin Bae and Peter Ölveczky
      Hybrid Multirate PALS
  • 11:00 to 11:30: Coffee break
  • 11:30 to 12:30: Keynote talk (Chair: Peter Ölveczky)
    • Claude Kirchner and Helene Kirchner
      In honor of José Meseguer: sharing thoughts on past and future
  • 12:30 to 14:00: Lunch
  • 14:00 to 15:30: Logic (Chair: David Basin)
    • Maria Paola Bonacina, Ulrich Furbach, and Viorica Sofronie-Stokkermans
      On First-Order Model-Based Reasoning
    • Peter Mosses and Ferdinand Vesely
      Weak bisimulation as a congruence in MSOS
    • Camilo Rocha
      The Formal System of Dijkstra and Scholten
  • 15:30 to 16:00: Break
  • 16:00 to 17:30: Diverse Topics (Chair: Kokichi Futatsugi)
    • Stefanie Neubert, Lenz Belzner, and Martin Wirsing
      Algebraic Reinforcement Learning
    • Samuel Wood, James Mathewson, Joshua Joy, Mark-Oliver Stehr, Minyoung Kim, Ashish Gehani, Mario Gerla, Hamid Sadjadpour, and J.J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves
      ICEMAN: A Practical Architecture for Situational Awareness at the Network Edge
    • Michael Lemay and Carl A. Gunter
      Network-on-Chip Firewall: Countering Defective and Malicious System-on-Chip Hardware
  • 18:30: Symposium dinner

Friday September 25

  • 9:00 to 10:30: Rewriting Logic II (Chair: Martin Wirsing)
    • Helene Kirchner
      Rewriting Strategies and Strategic Rewrite Programs
    • Thomas Anastasio
      Computer Modeling in Neuroscience: From Imperative to Declarative Programming
    • Andrei Arusoaie, Dorel Lucanu, David Nowak, and Vlad Rusu
      Verifying Reachability-Logic Properties on Rewriting-Logic Specifications
  • 10:30 to 11:00: Coffee break
  • 11:00 to 12:30: Rewriting Logic III (Chair: Carolyn Talcott)
    • Raul Gutierrez and Salvador Lucas
      Function Calls at Frozen Positions in Termination of Context-Sensitive Rewriting
    • Marisa Navarro, Fernando Orejas, and Elvira Pino
      Satisfiability of Constraint Specifications on XML Documents
    • Manuel Clavel, Francisco Duran, Steven Eker, Santiago Escobar, Patrick Lincoln, Narciso Marti-Oliet, and Carolyn Talcott
      Two decades of Maude
  • 12:30 to 13:00: Closing Remarks by José Meseguer
  • 09:00 to 09:05 - Welcome/opening
  • 09:05 to 10:00 - Invited talk (Chair: Cyrille Artho)
  • 10:00 to 10:30 - Ad hoc networks (Chair: Cyrille Artho)
    • Mengying Wang and Yang Lu
      A Timed Calculus for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  • 10:30 to 11:00 - Coffee break
  • 11:00 to 12:00 - Real-time systems (Chair: Sofiène Tahar)
    • Kyungmin Bae, Joshua Krisiloff, José Meseguer and Peter Ölveczky
      PALS-Based Analysis of an Airplane Multirate Control System in Real-Time Maude
    • Peter Hui and Satish Chikkagoudar
      Formal Verification of Temporal Properties In Real-Time Parallel Computation
  • 12:00 to 13:20 - Lunch break
  • 13:20 to 14:20 - Software/systems analysis I (Chair: Ralf Huuck)
    • Adrien Champion, Rémi Delmas and Michael Dierkes
      Generating Property Directed Potential Invariants By Backward Analysis
    • Mingyu Park, Taejoon Byun and Yunja Choi
      Property-based Code Slicing for Efficient Verification of OSEK/VDX Operating Systems
  • 14:20 to 14:30 - Short break
  • 14:30 to 15:30 - Software/systems analysis II (Chair: Takashi Kitamura)
    • Masahiro Matsubara, Kohei Sakurai, Fumio Narisawa, Masushi Enshoiwa, Yoshio Yamane and Hisamitsu Yamanaka
      Model Checking with Program Slicing Based on Variable Dependence Graph
    • Siraj A. Shaikh and Paddy Krishnan
      A Framework for Analysing Driver Interactions with Semi-Autonomous Vehicles
  • 15:30 to 16:00 - Coffee break
  • 16:00 to 17:00 - Modeling, Model-driven Engineering (Chair: Tatsuhiro Tsuchiya)
    • Chen-Wei Wang and Jim Davies
      Formal Model-Driven Engineering: Generating Data and Behavioural Components
    • Zheng Wang, Geguang Pu, Shengchao Qin, Jianwen Li, Kim Guldstrand Larsen, Jan Madsen, Bin Gu and Jifeng He
      MDM: A Mode Diagram Modeling Framework for Periodic Control Systems
  • 17:00 to 17:05 - Short break
  • 17:05 to 18:05 - Short presentations (Chair: Peter Ölveczky)
    • Mohamed Yousri Mahmoud, Vincent Aravantinos and Sofiène Tahar
      Towards the Formal Verification of Quantum Optical Systems
    • Jagadish Suryadevara and Ling Yin
      Timed Automata Modeling of CCSL Constraints
    • Maria Spichkova and Alarico Campetelli
      Towards system development methodologies: From software to cyber-physical domain
  • 18:05 to 18:10 - Closing