Logic, Rewriting, and Concurrency
Festschrift Symposium in Honor of José Meseguer

Urbana, Illinois, USA, September 23-25, 2015

We have reserved a number of hotel rooms (at discounted rates) in two hotels next to the venue of the Festschrift Symposium. Please reserve rooms early, since (i) rooms that are not taken 30 days prior to the event are released and resold, and (ii) there is a college football game on Saturday morning, which sometimes leads to full hotels.

More information to follows soon.

The best selection of available hotels can probably be found via online portals such as http://booking.com/ or http://travel.rakuten.com/ . Please check the location of the hotel; for FTSCS and ICFEM, a hotel near Kyoto station, Tanbaguchi station (one stop west of Kyoto), or Nijo station (one stop north of the conference site) is ideal. Please make your travel preparations ASAP as November is peak travel season in Kyoto.